Friday, April 26, 2013


As promised I went back to Noglu this past Wednesday for their burger special.  Overall it was another well prepared and inventive meal.  

The Wednesday offerings.

The lightly grilled squid with caramelized onions and celeriac purée.  The squid was cooked perfectly, the onions pleasantly sweet and the purée smooth but lacking in seasoning.  The portion was large for a starter, which my dining companion happily benefited from.

The GF bread really is that good.  The texture is soft without being gummy.  

The Burger Noglu.  The bun was better than I expected.  It's factory produced, which I found out when I saw them for sale downstairs, with a light neutral crumb and crispy crust.  It stood up well to the juicy burger.  The quality of the meat was obvious, but again, needed seasoning, particularly salt.  The cheddar was melted on top, and was darn tasty.  The patty sat on top of some grilled sweet potatoes which my dining companion liked, and I decidedly did not.  When I want a burger I want to taste meat.  The sweet potatoes were so overwhelmingly sweet the meat faded into the background.  I took them off and all was forgiven.  The rocket salad on the side was minimally dressed and needed acid, salt and pepper.  The potatoes were good, and I'm pretty sure they were fried in duck fat.  Yum.  

Perfectly saignant as requested. 

On to sweets.  My dining companion had the Café Noglu.  On the left is a slice of lovely pineapple upside-down cake.  The pineapple was nicely caramelized, and the cake tender.  The chocolate mini muffin in the middle was the highlight.  Moist and full of dark chocolate goodness.  The blueberry muffin had a great lemony kick, and I could see those at my next brunch.  A great introduction to GF pastry.

I really like what they're doing at Noglu.  I will be back.

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