Sunday, July 13, 2014


The FRENCHIE dynasty is amazing.  The Resto, To Go and Wine Bar seem to always please.  This post focuses on what you can find at the Wine Bar.  It's easy to find Gluten Free and Dairy Free options, the wine is great, and service (while occasionally slow) comes with a smile.  It should be noted that if you want a prime seat with a view at the window to the kitchen you MUST queue early.  For their 19h00 opening you want to be in line by 18h15.  I'm not joking!  My trusty iPhone camera failed me, but here are two highlights.

 Love the business cards on the yellow bike seat.

The menu.

 The view from the best seat in the house.

60 mo aged Jamón Ibérico sliced in front of us on the rotary slicer.  Before service the chef ran the plate under the heat lamp to gently warm the fat.  Oh heavens.

 I love mackerel.  A lot.  I think I could have bathed in the smoked anchovy purée.  

Goodnight FRENCHIE Wine Bar!

A great spot for a few shared plates, or an informal dinner on the town.  Definitely worth a jaunt into the 2nd.

NOTE:  As a timesaver for me, and because these things change, especially in the summer, I'm not going to post the opening info anymore in these posts…please check the website for that information.

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